Trade Show Preparation Checklist

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 20 weeks

This series of articles is called “Trade Show Preparation Checklist” and helps you, week after week, to prepare the most important aspects of your booth setup and event organization. We will review everything from booth decoration, promotion, samples, logistics, travel, staff training to leads management. Access your checklist week by week here.

What should I prepare 20 weeks before my event?

The show opens in 5 months! The coming 20 weeks will be busy and there is much to do.

Luckily, with what we are going to prepare this week, everything should be smooth and easy for you. This week, we prepare a checklist.

The ultimate trade show preparation checklist

This week you must focus on reviewing and adapting the following checklist to your specific situation and needs. You may want to start reading all the articles ahead of time to grasp the purpose of this preparation and start allocating resources to achieve your goals.

Put a team together and start reviewing your trade show preparation checklist:

There is still a lot of time ahead to figure out everything but do not overestimate the amount of work!

If you haven’t done so yet, create your myfairtool account immediately, it will save countless hours of work in the coming weeks and make your life much easier!

The Exhibitor.

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 20 weeks
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