Trade Show Preparation Checklist

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 11 weeks

This series of articles is called “Trade Show Preparation Checklist” and helps you, week after week, to prepare the most important aspects of your booth setup and event organization. We will review everything from booth decoration, promotion, samples, logistics, travel, staff training to leads management. Access your checklist week by week here.

What should I prepare 11 weeks before my event?

Eleven weeks to go before the big day. It seems very far but time flies faster than you would expect. This week you must review your budget.

Budget review

Your budget should be set and clear since week 19 but so many things have happened in the past few weeks that a short review wouldn’t hurt!

Reviewing objectives

Your first step is to remember the difference between “budget” and “expenses”.
Early on, you and your team have set a budget – this is your objective. You can spend as much as your budget allows (less if you can, as long as it doesn’t diminish your results) but you should never go beyond.

Review your current expenses and compare them to your initial budget: are you over? If yes, is there any category of expenses you could somehow reduce to give additional budget to areas that require it?

Reviewing breakdown

This piece is interesting. When using myfairtool budget solution you can visualize your budget breakdown by category of expense (booth rental, travel expenses, marketing, etc.). More importantly, you can quickly compare your breakdown to the one of other exhibitors and analyze whether you spend your money wisely.

Reviewing invoices

We mentioned it earlier, there should be ONE person, you or someone from your team, regrouping and recording all expenses.
Do you have ALL expenses proof? Any spending, from printing, to shipping, stationary purchase, plane tickets or hotel booking must be properly recorded.
Only that way could you have a clear picture of the event’s total cost and estimate your ROI.

Remember there will be many expenses to occur at the event itself – drinks, food, taxi, etc. Record all these as well as it is definitely part of your costs and should be budgeted accordingly!

Reviewing the list

Go through your checklist and make sure you haven’t forgotten any important aspect of your preparation. It is important you plan for all details early on if you don’t want to spend more than you budgeted for.

We wish you the best for your exhibition!

The Exhibitor.

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 11 weeks
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