Trade Show Preparation Checklist

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 15 weeks

This series of articles is called “Trade Show Preparation Checklist” and helps you, week after week, to prepare the most important aspects of your booth setup and event organization. We will review everything from booth decoration, promotion, samples, logistics, travel, staff training to leads management. Access your checklist week by week here.

What should I prepare 15 weeks before my event?

Your event is 15 weeks away – there is still plenty of time to get ready!
Yet, there are many things to prepare, so better get started. This week, we will focus on booth promotion – too early you say? Definitely not! (Learn more about booth promotion: “How to promote your booth to drive more traffic & leads“)

Prepare your hook

You should know your booth location for a few weeks already.
But do you know why people should come visit your booth?

Identify your “hook”, the reason why they will want to come pay you a visit.

  • Do you present/launch an innovation?
  • Do you offer some discounts?
  • Do you have cool giveaways?
  • Do you have a game / contest?

Find the right hook now – you will need it for the next steps!

Schedule & tools

You don’t need to heavily promote your participation yet. But you need to plan for it!

Identify the various channels available for you: Social Media, PR, internal announcement, conferences, website, emails, advertising, etc.

Now, prepare your schedule. 15 weeks before the event, you could mention it through Social Media twice a month. As the event approaches, once a week, then twice a week until you get to a daily reminder.

Your objective is double: get people to know you’ll be there (and it will take quite a few messages before they remember it) and get them to visit you.

We invite you to use Buffer if you use Social Media – their free version is good enough for most companies and enable you to plan your promotion ahead of time.

Be creative

Promotion isn’t about repeating the same ad over and over again.

Create different ads and visuals – you don’t want people to get bored, you want to surprise them each time, therefore you need to find different ways to deliver the same message.

Mix your hook with a few creative designs and you can be sure people will remember you and will come discover your booth!


If you followed our recommendations, you now have a myfairtool company page. Make use of it!

Your purpose isn’t only for people to know about your booth. You also want them to visit you. The serious ones will even want to schedule a meeting ahead of time to discuss potential business.

For them, make sure they can easily request a meeting – that is what your myfairtool company page will allow you to do.


We wish you the best for your exhibition!

The Exhibitor.

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 15 weeks
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  • Bill Colwell

    One comment or quibble. Promotion IS about repeating the same message over & over. It is important to find varied & creative ways to deliver the same message multiple times, but the message should always be the same. Different messages only confuse the audience.

    Good Brand Promotion is consistent, honest & repetitive. It permeates everything you do. Look at the great brands & see they always deliver the same message although in varied & creative ways.

  • No argument here @billcolwell:disqus! You are right. We meant exactly what you just said, just did not phrase it correctly. It is now updated, thank you for your input!