How to choose the right booth location on exhibitions?

How to pick the perfect trade show booth location?

One of your major objectives on fairs is to drive traffic to your booth. Driving traffic increases the chances of collecting leads and acquiring new customers.

In order to drive traffic to your booth, you have a few things you can work on: stall decoration, marketing, promoters, promotional baits, etc. The most important one is the location of your booth.

Choose the right section

Let’s take a simple example: the computer section of the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair might be the most popular one. It may seem appealing to find a way to get there even if your product isn’t directly related to it.

The truth is, visitors going to the computer section are looking for computer products.

Don’t try to be in a popular section, get your booth set up in the right section. Only that way could your potential customers find you.

Choose a large alley

Once you have selected the right section you will have to access a map of the floor (floor plan).

– don’t end up in a corner where there is no traffic. If you want people to find you, you will have to get visibility. If you have to bargain size for location, do it!

Study the map carefully and negotiate as long as necessary to get what you want.

Choose the right booth

Now that you have confirmed the section where you will stay, it is time to pick the exact booth location.

Go for corner booths.  More openings mean better traffic and exposure. If you want to get good traffic, ease the flow.

Check for perks

The last detail you might want to be looking for when picking your location is the traffic-driven perk.

Being close to (not next to) the toilets, the cafeteria, the information center, the large brands, etc. All these special locations could easily bring you extra traffic. Look for them when choosing your spot!


If you get it done right, no doubt you will drive lots of traffic on your stall! Your next step will be to collect prospects details and convert them into customers!

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How to pick the perfect trade show booth location?
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