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Why should I join the HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair?

Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is one of the largest fairs in Hong Kong and among the most visited Toys Fair in the world. Should you be there?

One of the largest toys fairs worldwide

(72% from Asia, 13% from Europe & 9% from America).

Most of the toys business decisions are made in January each year in Hong Kong, which makes the event a “must attend” for all players in the industry.

Should YOU be there? It all depends on your specific business needs!

A great opportunity for toys buyers

If you are a buyer in the toys & games industry, there can’t be any valid reason for you NOT to attend the show.

2,000 exhibitors from around the globe come and display their new products, innovations and ideas. If you are on this market, you can’t possibly let go of an opportunity to meet with all the largest players and discover what is happening in your industry.

It is also a great method to analyze market trends, see what will happen in the coming 12 months, evaluate prices and estimate the right approach for your company.

Most of all, if you register early enough, your will get your entry ticket for free!

The only thing to keep in mind is to come prepared: define your objectives and prepare your material to be as efficient as possible. You won’t have time to talk to 2,000 exhibitors, you will need to make choices. Even if you only meet 500 manufacturers and distributors, you won’t be able to recall all your conversations once back to the office. It is important that you collect information and details about the suppliers you meet with to ease your future follow up. Whenever possible, take photos and notes, keep companies information and contact details. The easiest solution is to use an online tool you could easily access from your smartphone that would record all your data efficiently.

myfairtool offers such services and enables you to access all your data as soon as you return to the office. It also helps you sending instantaneous enquiries to suppliers to save your time.

Once you have your tools ready and that you know exactly what you are looking for, the HKTDC Hong Kong toys & Games Fair can only be a success for you!

A lot of visibility for exhibitors

If you are a toy manufacturer, not being there would mean missing a great opportunity.
Unfortunately, the price of having a booth there can be prohibitive for small players. If that’s your case, partner with another company and share the costs!

The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is a unique opportunity for toys companies to present their novelties. Think about it that way: all your competitors will be there, demonstrating their new items to buyers. Can you afford to be left out?

This being said, if you plan on joining, do it the right way! Have a clear plan and set your goals. What do you expect from it?
Most probably you are looking for new customers with a little brand awareness on the side. If that’s your case, make sure you train your staff to identify, qualify and collect leads efficiently. Use a digital tool for that: pen & paper methods are not only outdated, there are very costly in both time and efforts! You will have to transfer all hand-written notes in a digital format anyway, so better get it right the first time. myfairtool offers you the perfect solution for that: try the free version!

Don’t forget to plan your follow-up as well! Who follows up? Sales? Marketing? When? The same day, next day, next week?

Good practice is to give hot leads to your sales team to follow-through IMMEDIATELY after the event and the cold ones to your marketing team. For the “warm” ones, define it case by case.

Whatever your decision, don’t miss a great opportunity because of a tight budget: find your way around it and make things happen!

See you at the fair!


The Exhibitor.

Why should I join the HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair?
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