myfairtool Wins Lead Management Software Awards For 2016

myfairtool Wins Lead Management Software Awards

In the course of finding the ideal CRM system that can respond to diverse corporate needs, FinancesOnline’s experts analyze hundreds of applications and make sure companies always have fresh software suggestions to facilitate their business processes. This popular software review platform then compares high-quality solutions and lists leaders for each category. Some of them are distinguished with prestigious SaaS awards. Just recently, we greeted the first detailed myfairtool review on the platform and learned that experts were more than fond of its performance.

As we were told, myfairtool deserved a lead management software award as one of the rare systems that guarantee a significant return on investment by delivering dynamic follow-up options. Usually, as they explained, it takes a while for a system to prove its beneficial effect on ROI, but that was not the case of myfairtool: once all functions were automated and unified on a single platform, companies noted positive trends converting prospects into clients. This is why myfairtool earned the Rising Star Award, soon followed by a Great User Experience Award that highlight the intuitiveness of our solution. Our product was also featured among the most popular sales software systems available on the market.

myfairtool was praised for its ability to assist teams that are not experienced in event and trade show planning and help them maximize the potential of their resources. It is considered a rare representative of systems that combine CRM with powerful analytics, and in such way replace all need to do paperwork or collate information from various sources.
What experts liked the most was the advanced tracking suite, which they believe is essential to direct leads to the most suitable agent. They agreed it was an excellent idea to further enhance tracking capacity with a budget calculator because this is how the company can evaluate whether the amount spent on gathering information was distributed in the right way. All this delivered in a per-quote package was, what they called, a win-win combination.

Here at myfairtool, we try restlessly to help teams surpass the challenge of digitizing exhibitions and make sure this will affect their ROI rates positively. FinancesOnline’s award is the confirmation that we are on the right path to complete our mission and completes the long list of highly positive customer testimonials myfairtool proudly displays.


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myfairtool Wins Lead Management Software Awards
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