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Meet the Experts – Trade Show Video with Silvia Pellegrini

Hello Silvia, welcome to The Exhibitor! Tell us a little about you and your professional journey.

It all started by chance with organizing weddings, moved on to corporate events and realized I needed more knowledge. So, I started interviewing experts to find out what/how and why.

How many trade show experts have you interviewed to date?

I have interviewed 260+ experts so far!

What is the most common tips your hear from experts?

Work hard, be consistent and believe in yourself!

What is the most unexpected comment you got in your interviews?

‘You are little in real life’

What tips can you give exhibitors and organizers to improve their output?

  • Begin the planning early
  • Always have your participants and their ‘journey’ in mind
  • Build long lasting relationships and treat people well
  • Remember communication is key
  • Use Social media not only to promote your event but as costumer service
  • Remain flexible
  • Photograph and video record everything
  • Don’t compromise on quality
  • Follow up immediately

Can you share some recommendation for exhibitors to use video to promote their booth?

  • Keep the videos short
  • Before the event: plenty of B-roll footage including Testimonials, Create a SAVE THE DATE video, Have a video in your company landing page, Interview your speakers, behind the scenes, teaser videos
  • During the event: record all sessions, before the event create a short funny video with your staff and release it during the event, interview the trade show booth people, record the fans engaging with the experiential elements of the events
  • After the event: recaps and highlights videos, Develop a social media plan that will allow your team to distribute these videos over multiple channels

Can you recommend tools for creating videos online easily and at little or no cost?

  • Use any camera or even your phone, upload on Youtube
  • Use Facebook live/ periscope/ Georama
  • iMovies

How will technology change the scene of exhibitions?

  • Increased consumer control
  • Measurement of attendees satisfaction
  • Use technology to understand emotions

How close are “The trade Show Chronicles” to your own experience at trade shows?

Great! Love this! Spot on.
I usually attend exhibitions as press, but through my interviews, I know this will help and resonate with so many people attending exhibitions for the first time!

Any additional tips for our readers?

  • Create meaningful relationships and work with the best.
  • Trust your gut!
  • You can create and produce all video content, but you don’t have to. You can crowdsource content and it works quite well too.

Silvia Pellegrini is a vlogger, blogger and reporter. She is the Managing Director of Events Uncovered TV, an innovative space for event experts to discuss, learn and share their knowledge of the event industry.
Meet the Experts – Trade Show Video with Silvia Pellegrini
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