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Meet the Experts – Booth display with Mark Yurik

Hello Mark, welcome to The Exhibitor! Tell us a little about you and your professional journey.

In 1985 self-realized the Exhibit, Display and Signage game was my passion, my gift, my purpose in life.
You see, back then, went to buy a commercial real estate sign for my Dads RE Co. Found out they could do in a day verses my expectations of 1 week. Right then it hit me. This is my purpose.
Ask for a tour of their shop to see how they make a sign in a day. Noticed manufacturer names on systems, called on manufactures for demo’s and within 3 months opened a small family shop in Wheatridge Co.
Long story short, use to hand paint projected trade show display back drops on to vinyl coated banners back then. Loved this career choice because I am naturally creative and each day was different. A new challenge, a new design and a new customer problem to solve. This was and is so awesome because really love doing this. Eventually expanded the Las Vegas and actually lost everything ever worked for in 2008 banking crises. Picked myself up, dusted myself off and restarted as Big Printing Solutions, Inc. Best thing is was always into online marketing and the internet. So apply know how and knowledge to better help customers get what they want faster than ever before.

How long before an event should exhibitors plan for their trade show display?

In an ideal world, an Exhibitor wants to start planning at least 6 Months in advance.
It all depends on their game. Their Industry. Their position in the industry.  Large Corps who know the game tend to plan a year in advance whereas first time Exhibitors tend to make the mistake of planning a week in advance (smile).
All depends on booth size i.e Inline vs Island or Pinnacle. My recommendations, the big boys know the game. The little guys and gals who are doing a 10×10 inline booth want to at least start planning 3 months in advance. To know who will be exhibiting there (the competition they will be playing against). To think through a strategy. To design the ideal booth space and graphics that executes on their trade show goal. To know their goal(s). To save money by booking in advance, etc. To create pre-show buzz.

What are the different elements to consider in a trade show display?

I’m probably the only one who will share. Location doesn’t matter.
You may put in in the farthest corner and attract anyone else who wants to play.
Important elements are standard operating procedure.

  1. Picking the right show!
  2. Choosing a booth size
  3. Choosing an exhibit builder or producer
  4. Getting the design right (by right, meaning inviting, open, attractive, message across, etc.
  5. Planning and rehearsing.

This is vital that the RIGHT people in the Company man the booth.
If demoing a product, have the best person there who understands the product being demo’d. Have the CEO or President there, have people who are good with people. Who listen, advise and educate. Electricity is a common oops. Lighting draws attention to key elements. Extra padded carpet is felt when stepped on! I’d do my best to make the booth inviting and comfortable for prospects, maybe a couch with water.

How to decide between a “standard booth” and a customized booth?

It all boils down to the game. What your trade show goal is? If doing a demo then more space probably needed vs a 3m x3m booth. If branding for name recognition maybe a 3m x 3m OK.
Bottom line is exhibitors must NOT be scared to invest money into being an exhibitor. Do not look at cost look at it as the results cost generate. There is no other place on earth where you will have the opportunity to meet active buyers, industry leaders, potential customers, etc you will most likely not meet in the real world.
You only have the show floor to make your mark so to speak. Get the hanging booth sign on a larger 6m x 6m space. Add attention getting booth towers that act like focal points. Get seen, draw attention and be successful.
Land those 6 and 7 figure accounts. Too often many view cost as a factor in what they will do. This is like old analogy of geeeze I think Ill buy a 1/8 page yellow page ad because it only cost $286 / mo vs me buying a full page ad for $3,800 and lighting up the phones like no one may imagine!
Look at the BENEFIT NOT the COST! And come away a winner every time. If only 5% of attendees visit a booth make sure that you catch this 5%. One new account may pay for your entire show!

Is it possible to create a custom booth with low budget?

Yes, with today’s technology and new lightweight display systems a newbie may have a nice attractive 3m x 3m show booth for under 2k.

One that is potable that they set up to save money. Recommend going with dye sub fabrics because they are elegant and provide amazing visuals assuming you have good art. If the arts not good we make it good (smile) because bad art can hurt an exhibitors desired results more then they know.

How to communicate with a display vendor?

First of all the Exhibitor wants to read their show decorators contract!

Many first timers do not even know they are limited to 8’ heights on in-line booths. Most do not know they want fire rated certs from display vendor. LED lights vs halogen or they get unplugged. Many do not know they cannot have a hanging booth sign on an inline booth. Thus a good display vendor will know what is OK and not OK and save the exhibitor a lot of wasted time and money.

A Display vendor who knows the game will advise the exhibitor on the basics laws. Then based upon budget, will provide ideal show booth options. Most importantly, will be design or having good art files. A good display vendor will know the game and what works best based upon the exhibitors goals and needs. They will proof and color match and ensure the end visuals are amazingly crisp, vivid and to the point. Each display vendor has a simple or complex agreement depending on the scope of work and services requested. Some exhibitors are not even aware of hidden cost like a lift gate use or added wait time in marshalling all being charged after the fact.

A good display vendor will advise ahead of time so there is no sticker shock when all is said and done!

myfairtool offers a budgeting tool for exhibitors. Do you recommend using such tool?

Yes, to some it’s common sense whereas to others it’s not.

Budgeting tools are good if you are a newbie or do not have a tool which tracks and allocates cost.
Most big boys already have spread sheets and systems in place to account for every dime spent or to be spent with discretionary add-ons.

How do you see the future?

Without a crystal ball? Here’s what I know.
Every display type has had a product life cycle. Meaning back drops went from hand painted back in the day to vinyl, then to digital on canvas, then mesh now fabric. Thus it’s safe to say the product lifecycle will continue to evolve.
If I had to guess? I’d say holograms will be in down the road. Maybe exhibiting in the round? Where floor plans are circular for quicker view point access? I see trade shows and events as one of the only “ sane “ options left to escape daily overload of distractions and info overload. A place to relax, meet the players in the game. See the new technology, products or services. A place where we may feel as we belong. A place where human interaction still exist. A place to escape and actually relax from our fast pace world of bombardment. A place to simply be oneself and enjoy the human experience that we are losing.
Ever growing and ever expanding like the universe. A breath of fresh air where deals and made and lost. Contacts are added and new prospects become customers. The greatest show on earth II.

Any additional tips for our readers?

Know who’s got your back. Know the experts. Know who really cares about you as a customer. Going the extra mile makes a difference.

Mark Yurik Mark Yurik is just a common guy doing extraordinary things in a highly competitive game. Willing to use thought, learned knowledge and the desire be the best. Someone who really does care and wants to make a difference in everyone’s lives.
Meet the Experts – Booth display with Mark Yurik
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  • Hi All and Julian:

    Thankful for ‘The Exhibitor’ accolade above.

    Whether your a competitor, friend, foe, exhibitor, marketing pro or a gnat munching down a bag of chips at half past noon…

    Happy to share expert advice freely.

    Only wish is “gosh dang, writing above after a busy day… henpecking thoughts on a mobile screen. Sure will help myself to double check my spelling errors”.

    Hey what a great lesson. Huh? Misspellings do happen. A second set of eyes will help catch the oopsies before going to print.

    With Gratitude;

    Mark ” The Kooky Guy ” Yurik.

    • Thanks Mark,
      Looking forward to reading more from you!