Best exhibitor tools for 2017 trade shows

6 essential tools for exhibitors in 2017

2017 is at the corner and there are lots of trade shows for your company to exhibit its new products all around the world!

But you shouldn’t go to business events in 2017 the way you did in 2016 or the years before that.

Technology has evolved a lot in the recent years and there are plenty of tools out there that will completely change the way you manage your events and tremendously increase your results! Everyone always talks about #eventTech for trade show organizers.We have selected the most

Everyone always talks about #eventTech for trade show organizers. What about exhibitors? We have selected essential tools specifically developed for exhibitors success – ready?

best exhibitor tool myfairtool

myfairtool is a must have for exhibitors participating in trade shows. This platform will cover every aspect of your event, from early budgeting & planning to promoting your booth, managing your marketing collateral, scanning business cards and capturing leads, following up with your prospects and tracking your results.

best exhibitor tool jobdoh

JobDoh is the best platform to find the temp staff you need at your show. Hire the right booth promoters, translators or hostesses in only a few clicks. The platform provides you with relevant profiles for you to choose from and finalize all details in a timely manner.

best exhibitor tool expotor

Expotor is your best ally to pick the right partners. Finding and managing suppliers for a trade show is never an easy thing. This platform makes it easy to compare available contractors and select the one that will serve your best interest.

best exhibitor tool exmc

ExhibitorMasterClass is an online video course that teaches you how to exhibit in short video tutorials. Over 15 leading exhibition CEOs and experts share the biggest mistakes exhibitors make and how to gain the most from exhibitions around the world.

best exhibitor tool buffer

Buffer can be a very efficient tool for you to promote your booth. Using this platform you will be able to connect your various Social Media platforms and schedule posts to be published according to your own agenda. Using it to promote your booth before the show and send regular updates during the event is a good idea.

best exhibitor tool hootsuite

Hootsuite is the right tool to jump in Twitter conversations at trade shows. Using the “streams” feature you will be able to create specific streams based on keywords before the show (for example, the event hashtag) then immediately reply people to drive additional traffic to your booth.


These tools will definitely enhance your experience at trade shows and get you higher efficiency and better results in 2017!

Share your own exhibitors’ tools and tips with us below.

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6 essential tools for exhibitors in 2017
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