pen and paper is outdated on exhibitions

Why is pen&paper completely outdated at trade shows?

Have you recently attended a trade show or exhibition? Did you see what people use to capture leads after a visitor leave their booth? Over 80% of people still use pen&paper methods!

If everyone is using it, it must be great, isn’t it?

Hard to read


No offense, but would you qualify your handwriting as crystal clear and easy to read? Probably not.
When you take pen&paper notes at exhibitions you assume that you will be the person handling these notes as no-one else could. And if you are the kind that prefers to delegate to a more junior person you take the risk of getting major human errors. Wouldn’t digital notes make it easier?

Twice longer


It seems much easier to use a pen&paper to draft some notes on a sheet of paper when you have a minute, isn’t it?

But what will you do with these notes once back to your office?

Right! You will re-enter everything in your computer. At the end of the day the little time you believe you saved at your booth has been doubled.

Not only did you do the work twice and increase the chances of human errors but you also considerably delayed your follow-up! Why don’t you go digital directly and avoid these unnecessary rounds?



When you use pen&paper methods to collect visitors details at your trade show booth you use your personal style. The way you and your colleagues will take such notes will differ making the whole consolidation and analysis process much longer and more complicated!

Using digital methods would insure everyone sticks to the exact same format and you got everything automatically consolidated. What a gain of time!

Terrible consequences


Remember I started by telling you over 80% of leads at fairs are still captured with pen&paper methods?

Well, guess what? That is precisely the same number as the amount of leads that are never followed-up after events!
To be effective, a follow-up must be initiated immediately after the event (48h maximum) and done with plenty of details to make sure it matches what the visitor expects. This can hardly be achieved with poor handwritten notes.

Not environmental friendly


Have you heard of #paperless? This is quite a trend nowadays – why wasting so much paper and killing so many trees when digital is both more efficient and eco-friendly? Time to go digital and paperless!


At the end of the day, your choice of method should be motivated by one and only one thing: which solution will provide me with the highest number of conversions and the best return on investment?
Solutions such as myfairtool make it much easier to capture and convert leads – your entire team uses the same template, everyone collects names, contact details, company information, notes & comments, add tags and photos and send automatic thank-you emails to the visitors.
Once back to the office everything is ready to be followed-up – leads have already been assigned to the right people and all you have to do is… sell!

infographic pen&paper vs digital

The Exhibitor.

Why is pen&paper completely outdated at trade shows?
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