Why is it important to choose the right carpet for your booth?

Why is it important to choose the right carpet for your booth?

You have a trillion things to prepare to have your booth fully set and ready and picking the carpet is certainly at the very end of your priority list.

But should it be?

We prepared the 4 reasons why you should spend some time picking the right carpet as well as some tips to help you do so!

Control your branding

You and your marketing team spend an incredible amount of time and resources building a brand customers recognize and respect – it would be worth following your own guidelines to help to reinforce this aspect of your business!

As part of your branding, you have a set of primary and secondary colors. Usually, your primary colors are these used in your logo and the others are complementary colors you use on your website and marketing collateral.

These colors help customers identify and recognize your brand – make it easier for buyers to find you at trade shows by using one of your major colors in your booth, for your carpet for example.

Attract visitors

When choosing your carpet, keep in mind you are part of an ecosystem: your booth isn’t isolated.

Contact the organizer to enquire about the color of the carpet in the aisles around your stall. When you choose the color of your carpet, make sure it is different from the one in the aisles to create a contrast and stand out from the crowd but avoid having colors that do not match and could unconsciously repel visitors.

Keep it clean!

As we mentioned earlier, it would be good to have a nice carpet that fits your branding and looks welcoming to visitors passing by.

There are two exceptions to that rule, though: light color carpets and long-hair carpets, however beautiful or appropriate, could quickly become a headache.

As a booth manager, one of your duties is to keep the booth clean and neat at all time . White carpets tend to get dirty very quickly and long-hair ones keep all crumbs and dust. If you decide to go with either of these solutions, you better make sure you got great cleaning tools at hand!

Comfort matters!

Most trade shows will ask you the level of thickness you wish to use for your carpet.

A thick carpet feels good and comfortable: your visitors might love it. Unfortunately, thick carpets can be horrible for your legs!
Remember: you will be standing in your booth for 3 days or more. If your carpet is too thick it will add burden on your legs and get you tired faster.


Are you now ready to pick the right carpet for your booth? Let us know if you have additional tips for choosing the right booth carpet!

The Exhibitor.

Why is it important to choose the right carpet for your booth?
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