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Meet the Experts – Trade Show Displays with Matthew Pavli

Hello Matthew, welcome to The Exhibitor! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I have been working as the marketing manager for Display Wizard, a UK-based supplier of exhibition stands, for a number of years and write regularly about exhibitions with a focus on trade show displays.

How long in advance should companies start preparing for an event?

At around 6 months you should begin setting objectives, setting the budget and booking the space for your event . Around 4 months before the show is a good time to begin working on the design of your booth with a stand supplier.

What is the average price of a decorated booth?

It depends on the size of the show and the space you are given. For a smaller space you can simply use pop up stands and roller banners, which can be purchased for under USD700. For any type of custom-built exhibits you are looking at upwards of USD4,500 depending on the space as this includes the costs involved for the delivery, build and breakdown of the booth by experienced stand contractors.

What are the key elements for a successful booth and why?

A successful booth needs to be open and inviting and make an instant impact about the key features of your business. You need to think carefully about what impression you want to give to passers-by and carefully study the floorplan to see how you can maximize footfall to your stand.

What should companies take into account when planning their booth?

One of the biggest considerations often missed by companies when planning their booth is that they don’t consider the small amount of time your booth has to make an impact on passers-by. Often, exhibitors have too much information on their booth’s branding and passers-by do not have time to work out what the company does.

Remember to include a short, clear selling point on your design that tells the passer-by exactly what the benefit your service has for them.

What are your suggestions to “stand out” when setting up a booth?

Remember that color has a big psychological effect on visitors so try and use this to your advantage where possible. Use bright and engaging colors and think carefully about the lighting in the venue – shell schemes are often quite dark so think about providing additional lighting. Try and integrate AV equipment such as TVs and iPads where possible to give your booth interactive appeal.

What are your tricks to capture leads and generate new business?

Don’t go for the same-old free giveaways, try and create interest on your booth with a unique game and regular social media updates to create a buzz around your stand.Make sure all your staff are well-prepared and have a strategy on who will be the ‘active’ staff engaging passers-by and who will qualify the customer on the booth itself.

What do you advise companies to do to insure proper return on investment?

The most important part of having a good ROI on any exhibition is following up after the event. Make sure you take down enough information about the customer at the show so you can email or call them a few days after the exhibition. After more than 2 days the customer will begin to forget your company and all the preparation and work at the exhibition will be lost.

Any additional tips for our readers?

Before you exhibit for a show for the first time try and visit the show as an attendee so you can get an idea of what other exhibitors are doing . This will give you a better understanding of the venue and type of people attending so you can tailor your approach to suit that individual show.


Matt.pavli.pngMatthew Pavli works as the marketing manager for Display Wizard – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of display and exhibition stands. He regularly attends exhibitions and picks up tips and tricks on the best tactics for trade show success.


Meet the Experts – Trade Show Displays with Matthew Pavli
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