Trade Show Preparation Checklist

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 8 weeks

This series of articles is called “Trade Show Preparation Checklist” and helps you, week after week, to prepare the most important aspects of your booth setup and event organization. We will review everything from booth decoration, promotion, samples, logistics, travel, staff training to leads management. Access your checklist week by week here.

What should I prepare 8 weeks before my event?

In exactly 2 months your trade show will start. Are you ready yet? Let’s review what you should be doing 8 weeks before the event!

Signatures setup

You want people to visit your booth, otherwise you wouldn’t spend tons of time and money joining a trade show. Yet, have you done everything you should to drive this traffic?

Eight weeks before the event is the right time to update your email signature with graphics to inform people of your participation. Why should you do that?

Simple calculation. Let’s say you have 10 people in your company. Each of them send 15 emails per day. It means 150 emails are sent each day. About 3,000 emails a month.

These 3,000 recipients might be potential customers or know potential customers they would encourage to visit you.

Also, changing your email signature is fast and costs absolutely nothing.

This week, change your email signature and the ones of your team and start easily promoting your booth!

We wish you the best for your exhibition!

The Exhibitor.

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 8 weeks
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