Trade Show Preparation Checklist

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 7 weeks

This series of articles is called “Trade Show Preparation Checklist” and helps you, week after week, to prepare the most important aspects of your booth setup and event organization. We will review everything from booth decoration, promotion, samples, logistics, travel, staff training to leads management. Access your checklist week by week here.

What should I prepare 7 weeks before my event?

In less than 2 months you will be standing in your booth talking with prospects, but there is still a long way to go. Your objective this week is critical.

Setting global and individual targets

In average, B2B companies spend 39.2% of their annual marketing budget at trade shows . This is a HUGE investment that requires proper care to show ROI.

The involvement must be both global (on a team level) and individual.

By now, you should have identified your team – the people that are involved in the event, whether they will attend it or simply help with pre-show or post-show tasks.

Your high-level goal is positive ROI – you can (you should!) set a threshold, a minimum number to reach.
However, such goal remains very vague for your team members and does not directly relate to their own work. You must set more down-to-earth goals for each one of them.

The 4 types of targets to set at trade shows

There are 4 types of targets that are directly measurable and have an impact on your ROI. Depending on each member of your team’s involvement, you might set 1, 2, 3 or even 4 targets.

  • Budget – announce a maximum budget to spend and seee if respected
  • Leads captured – give an individual number of leads to be captured at the booth
  • Contracts signed – number of contracts coming from leads catured at the booth must be signed within 6 months after the show
  • Revenue generated – total revenue generated from leads captured at the event within 6 months after the show

To make this efficient, attach prizes with each target and make sure your people receive rewards when they hit their target . Not only will it motivate them to reach their goals but also to track them in the long run, which isn’t an easy task!

Login to your myfairtool account now and set individual targets for your trade show team now.

We wish you the best for your exhibition!

The Exhibitor.

Trade Show Preparation Checklist – 7 weeks
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