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Prowein Düsseldorf – how to get amazing business

ProWein Düsseldorf is, with VINEXPO and TFWA, one of the largest trade show in the world for wine and spirits.

With over 55,000 trade visitors and buyers, over 960 journalists and almost 70K sqm of space in 2016, ProWein is a a business event you cannot miss if you are in this industry.

But with 6,200 other exhibitors, how can you stand out? How can you make sure you get proper ROI and generate new business?

We give you some tips!

Preparation is key to success

It is no secret, preparation is the first yet most important step to success. And there is so much for you to prepare!

Booth location, plane tickets, hotel, booth design, furniture, carpets, lighting, electricity, samples, shipment, promotion… are you up to the task? Do you have a complete checklist to make things happen? Don’t worry, we have one for you later in this article!

Here are a few essential elements you must get ready:


We couldn’t repeat it enough: budget, budget, budget! There are so many expenses at trade shows and without proper budgeting you will end-up overspending!

If you have a budget from the previous years, start with it to have a rough idea of your expenses. Make a list of all spending areas and give yourself a reasonable budget for each.

Once done, start recording carefully all expenses related to ProWein Düsseldorf: booth renting, furniture, plane tickets, hotel, meals, transport, promotion, etc.

Define one person to be in charge of this task and review expenses regularly to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and that you don’t overspend.


Set individual targets.

Your “Global target” for ProWein should be expressed in terms of ROI (Return On Investment). Unfortunately, ROI cannot be calculated immediately after the event and makes it disconnected for your team.

There are 4 types of targets to individually set for your team members:

  • budget spent
  • leads captured
  • contracts signed
  • gross revenue generated

Based on the position of each team member, set one of more targets for them to have a clear direction and objective. The earlier the better.

Offer rewards or prizes if they can reach their targets – it is a great way to keep your team motivated throughout the entire process.

Marketing collateral

To be efficient at ProWein you will need marketing material – flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogs and so on.

Prepare them early on and upload everything to the cloud. Not only you will save printing costs but you will also be able to track downloads and satisfy ProWein’s buyers who don’t want to carry unnecessary documents.

Meetings schedule

Invite your existing customers and potential buyers to visit you. Promote your booth to drive additional traffic (“Secrets of booth promotion“) and schedule meetings early on.

You should have a list of meetings to take place at your ProWein booth a few weeks before the event to maximize your efficiency.

Follow-up strategy

Before going to a trade show, you need the right follow-up strategy.

Collecting piles of business cards and trying to follow-up weeks after the event is hardly a strategy .

Prepare email templates (standard emails you will customize later on to follow-up with your prospects) – these should contain the usual information as well as links to your marketing material you uploaded to the cloud earlier.

Plan your lead capture – to be fast you want to do it digitally, with a business cards scanner, categorizing tags (“Why are tags so important during lead capture?“) and eventually photos. That will increase the accuracy of your data and reduce your follow-up delay.

Keep in mind that there are over 6,200 exhibitors at ProWein – you have no chance to make business if you are the slowest exhibitor around. The fastest ones will be the one getting the business.

Efficiency at the show

At the show, everything goes fast. You have no time to think or plan, it is time for execution: if you have done a good job early on, it should be easy.

Smile, look people in the eyes, use open-questions to greet them.

Once at your booth, qualify your leads quickly (“The ultimate guide to qualify leads at your exhibition booth“) – politely get rid of people that bring no value and focus on those that will generate potential business.

Keep an eye on your meeting schedule, don’t hesitate calling people if they are running late – it is easy to lose track of time at a trade show but you don’t want it to affect your schedule.

Capture leads digitally with your phone or tablet, collect as much information as you can (that will greatly help with the follow-up) and move on to the next visitor.

Post-show management

Your job does NOT end on the last day of ProWein. You may be leaving Düsseldorf to return to your office but there is still a lot to do!


We mentioned it several times, but let’s repeat it once again: fast and customized follow-up is key to getting new business. Within 48h after meeting with a prospect you should send a follow-up email.

If you can, send a thank-you email directly from your booth to keep the conversation going and dive a little deeper afterwards.

Target review

You have set various targets before the event. Review them the days following the end of ProWein!

Sit with your team and analyze the results: budget and leads can easily be identified at the end of the event.

  • For the other two targets (contracts signed and gross revenue), organize 3 meetings:
  • one immediately after the show to remind them of their targets and potential rewards
  • one 3 months later to review progress, push again and motivate your staff
  • one 6 months later to analyze final results, offer the rewards and congratulate your team

ROI calculation

If you are a Sales Manager or Business Owner participating in ProWein, you must be very-well aware of the cost it involves.

Such event represent 40% of the annual marketing budget of most B2B companies. You CANNOT spend this kind of money and not calculate your ROI.

Making data-driven decisions is the only way to obtain the results you seek.

Calculating ROI at a trade show is very complex: you spend money over the course of 6 months and your return might take 12 months to appear. Yet, calculating your ROI and comparing the various events you participate in is essential.

Keep reading, we give you a simple solution below!


The right solution for ProWein exhibitors

We have discussed many topics in this article: preparation, budgeting, promotion, meetings schedule, lead capture, follow-up, review, targets, ROI, etc.

It requires discipline to go through all these steps but it also requires using the right tools.

If you use 15 different software for 15 different tasks it makes it almost impossible to keep track of all and calculate your ROI.

myfairtool solution for ProWein exhibitors makes it easy: it helps you plan, budget, manage your marketing material, schedule your meetings, set individual targets, scan business cards, capture leads, send instant thank-you emails, monitor your progress, convert your prospects and, ultimately, gives you a clear ROI result.

Having your entire team use one single system to handle every aspect of your ProWein participation might very well be the secret to your future success.


The Exhibitor.

Prowein Düsseldorf – how to get amazing business
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