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Meet the Experts – Trade Show Marketing with Rauno Ramo

Hello Rauno, welcome to The Exhibitor! Tell us a little about you and your professional journey.

All in all, I have been in this industry for almost 25 years. I have been working in several exhibition center related, trade show and event tasks and for me it really is a true thing to say that I know “the both sides of the desk”. It usually is an easy task for me to get to know and really understand the point of view of both sides, the exhibitor and the organizer ones.

You help organizing trade shows – what is the biggest challenge for an event organizer?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge is that, before the show, on air -time and afterward, organizers should keep “all senses in alert” in order to follow and update the discussion around the event in every developmental phase. How the organizer is prepared to do this and what happens after the show is essential.

What strategy to keep an event competitive, as an organizer?

Follow the economic activity around you.
Globally, right now the big issue in everybody’s mouth is the sharing economy.  As you sell booths, you should think in very creative ways, perhaps with the helping hand of sponsors, to share something back with the exhibitors. This does not mean a classic thinking “come with us, everybody isthere”…  At least the exhibitors should feel that when they participate they can have something unusual back. Of course, this is a challenging task because the organizer very often is just selling the concrete floor space beneath the exhibitor.

What are your “tips for success” to exhibitors?

If the exhibitor is a newcomer and the booth is not a very modest one, then I highly recommend to use professional booth contractors.
Always prepare early on, go through the layout and booth 3d carefully with the contractor you select (remember to invite tenders and check the contractor backgrounds).
After that is handled with care, give some working space to the expert. If there is any change later on, contact the contractor right away. Your contractor will take good care of respecting the official timetable.
Remember: a good end result with your booth construction demands some economical efforts from you – there is noth such things as extraordinary cheap and of excellent quality.

Your only duty, as an exhibitor, is to make your booth alive. You are responsible for the content and of how it is displayed at the show. This is the main rule to remember.

Are the “Trade Show Chronicles” close to the experience you have of trade shows?

In some elements, yes, but I think every exhibitor’s journey is unique.

You are the founder of “Event & Exhibition Subcontractors World Wide”. What are people’s most common problems or concerns?

I have been moderating this group for almost 7,5 years now and the member rate is close to 13,500 members.
My purpose is to keep the group discussion open minded as long as it is about industry. Very often people and companies are searching for local booth contractors. Also, this group works well as a platform to market coming exhibitions and shows.
One more topic appearing often is about rules and regulations.

The Exhibitor’s prime focus is ROI – what do you advise exhibitors to do to insure proper return on investment?

What an essay question! Calculate, prepare, follow-up, be online, live and learn methods, set targets…there is no single right answer, I am sure.

Any additional tips for our readers?

If your goal is to be an industry professional, follow the global industry conversation in very open ways. For me, it is both my job and beloved hobby in the same time.

Rauno RamoRauno Ramo is a longstanding top contributor to global event & exhibition industry. His career with this industry covers almost 25 years. He tailor-mades business targets and solutions for his clients.
Meet the Experts – Trade Show Marketing with Rauno Ramo
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