Information flow and technology, how do they shape your business?

The exponential evolution of technology and web based platforms since 2000 gave birth to a new way a information consumption. People do not consume information as they used to. Think about it, while you’re reading this article, how many open tabs do you have on your browser, in less than 10 seconds, what’s the amount of information you can process, what kind, and through which channel?

The result is, and as paradoxical as it may seem, the expansion and the contraction of the media and communication .

How does it translate into communication strategy?

That said, media had to follow this evolution, not without difficulties. 3 majors turning points had to be done.

Diversifying the methods they use to transmit to the public contents, information, news, updates… is key. Take the example of a company’s marketing strategy. You can easily identify 7 to 10 communication channels.

Also, changing the speed of transmission is an important point. It’s actually more a debate than a statement. At this stage, we all agree on the fact we’re getting more and more hooked, every minute of the day, by advertising, distractions, news, advice, bad or good info. So, how far do you need to go to grab the right audience and the attention you need to grow?

Eventually, taking into account the fact that people receive thousands on visual inputs everyday, by walking in the street, taking the subway or even driving, never forget you’re not the only one. People never had more choice than they do nowaday. Why would they choose you?

That said, where’s the paradox?

In 2016, we will reach 1 billion live websites, offering comments on various subjects, in different languages, from anywhere in the world.

And yet, in a professional environment, what are the main channels we’re using to catch and spread the info? Google of course –through ad-words campaings and search-, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, EDM campaigns, blogs?

Try and find more than 20 “on-line-place-to-be” serving your business, increasing your visibility and sales. A good example of monopoly and channel concentration. Here we go, 1 billion vs. 20.

Considering the large amount of information you are exposed to during the day, it can be hard prioritizing what’s relevant and what’s not.

Save the information that matter

 The other way around, being exposed to such an information flow can be disturbing and you won’t remember everything. And yet, a lot of them are crucial.

Let’s get back to a business perspective.

You probably went through the difficulty to organize and prioritize the information you gather while running your business, as owner, sales manager or sales.

Use tools such as evernote. They can do the job for either personal or professional use. Save the information, classify them, use lists or reminder, tag them, put them into a notebook. Save them for later, and optimize the way you work.

Save the information that really matter, get rid of the non-relevant pieces. So what are they? Prospect information, brochures, products pictures, comments on the people you meet that you will for sure forget if not stored properly.

Be pro-active the way you select and save the information you want to keep. As your customers would be while they choose where they will spend their money.

Keep track of every single business events you come across, such as meeting by saving data. This will help improving you return on investment on sales efforts, tradeshows, exhibitions or fairs. Targeted and specialized platforms like myfairtool can help you save prospects info, follow-up instantly with pre-written automatic e-mails. Once done, export your data on your computer.

Congrats, you just processed, saved, and will be able to exploit some piece of information that will make a difference.

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Information flow and technology, how do they shape your business?
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